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  • Spy Tec Zetta Z16 720p HD 160 Degree Wide Angle Intelligent Security Camcorder Camera
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Spy Tec Zetta Z16 720p HD 160 Degree Wide Angle Intelligent Security Camcorder Camera

This compact video and audio recorder (approximately the size of a credit card) features a host of advanced recording modes. Most impressively the video recorder features a Vibration Detection mode. This feature uses accelerometers to automatically trigger video recording when the device feels even the slightest movement. This has countless applications, including vehicle security and recording evidence of vandalism. A standard motion-detection mode also makes it a fantastic budget option for home or business security. Both of these modes help ensure you only capture the important footage, saving valuable time and memory!

The included in-car power supply also means this handy video recorder can double up as a dashboard camera, ideal for helping prevent fraudulent insurance claims when out on the open road! When connected in this way, the auto-start option can immediately start recording as soon as the ignition is started, making it a breeze to record your journeys- no need for fiddling with controls! When a nearby power outlet isn't an option, the standalone recorder can run off of its built-in battery for up to 8 hours of continuous recording!

  • Motion activated video and audio recording is perfect for office, home, or vehicle surveillance
  • HD 720P Video | 160 Wide Angle Degree Lens | Excellent low light recording
  • Rotatable Camera Lens | Removable memory means it's easy to discreetly swap to view recorded footage takes up to 64gb MicroSD card (Not Included)
  • Standby time of 4 Months 10 hours Continuous Recording on Battery | Plug in via included power adapter and run continuously
  • Includes Vibration Triger, Motion Activated and Voice Activated Modes
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