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  • SMANOS DS2300 Wireless Door and Window Sensor - Indoor Door and Window Sensors for Smanos Home...
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  • Smanos 8718868403926 K1 Smart Home DIY Kit, White, Set of 6 Pieces
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  • Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Smanos K1. Safety for Home and Business. Alarm kit including...
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SMANOS DS2300 Wireless Door and Window Sensor - Indoor Door and Window Sensors for Smanos Home Security Systems, Includes tamper protection, Works with select Smanos hubs - White
The Smanos DS2300 Door and Window Sensors are designed to be used in conjunction with a Smanos home security system, such as the L020, S105, W100, W100i, W120i or X330. Smanos makes a variety of home security systems and home security accessories. With Smanos security devices, it has never been easier to control your security system. Most Smanos systems (with the exception of the S105) can be controlled remotely from your smartphone, and the W120i and W220 work with the Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Simply download the appropriate app to your Apple iPhone or Android smartphone, and you'll have remote access to everything you need to keep your home, apartment, or small business secure. From the app, you'll be able to arm and disarm your security system, adjust settings, share access with family members and friends, and view footage from your Smanos cameras. Smanos security systems are expandable, meaning you'll be able to incorporate all four of these door and window sensors into your system, as well as many other security devices. All of your Smanos devices can be paired with your central hub or control panel. These devices communicate wirelessly with the Smanos hub so whenever one of your sensors is triggered, your alarm system will trigger a siren sound and you and your family will receive instantaneous app alerts. The Smanos DS2300 Door and Window Sensors are battery operated, so there will be no tangled power cables to worry about. The sensors are easy to install. Simply pair or add the sensors to your Smanos hub (be careful NOT to touch the tamper switch in the back while pairing), secure the transmitter and the magnet to the door and doorframe, or to the window and window frame, using the included 3M double-sided adhesive tape. They can also be placed on cabinets, drawers, and safes. The transmitter and the magnet should be placed within half an inch of each other.

  • COMPATIBLE WITH SMANOS HUBS - This DS2300 Door and Window Sensor must be used with a Smanos home security system. Smanos makes a variety of security systems and accessories with control panels, motion sensors, sirens, video doorbells, WiFi HD cameras, water sensors, and more. The Smanos DS2300 Door and Window Sensors are compatible with Smanos hubs such as the W120, W100 and X330.
  • SECURE YOUR HOME, APARTMENT OR SMALL BUSINESS - This Smanos DS2300 Door and Window Sensors can be placed on any door, window, drawer, safe, and pretty much anything that opens. Each sensor consists of two parts: a transmitter and a magnet. Whenever these two parts are separated by more than half an inch, the sensor is triggered, and a wireless signal is sent to your Smanos control panel or central hub.
  • BATTERY OPERATED - Each of the Smanos DS2300 Door and Window Sensors is powered by two small CR2032 button cell batteries. When the battery power gets low, the LED light indicator on the front of the sensor will blink every three seconds. When the door and window sensors are triggered, they are capable of transmitting a wireless signal up to about 60 meters away.
  • TAMPER ALERT SWITCH - Each door and window sensor features an alert switch in the back. This prevents the sensors from being removed or disabled without your knowledge. If an intruder or burglar tries to tamper with the sensor, a wireless signal will be sent to your control panel, and a siren will be sounded regardless of whether the security system is armed or unarmed.

Smanos 8718868403926 K1 Smart Home DIY Kit, White, Set of 6 Pieces
  • Design for every home decor
  • Sends push notifications and e-mails when sensors are triggered
  • Close communication between sensors and K1 Hub Z-Wave
  • Looking at the doorbell and cameras from a Smanos app
  • Space for customizable rules for connected devices, allows temporary access with time limits

Smart Home Wireless Alarm System Smanos K1. Safety for Home and Business. Alarm kit including Smart Hub, Indoor Siren, Motion Detector, Door/Window Sensors, Keypad. Compatible with Amazon Alexa
  • ✅ EASY DIY HOME SECURITY - The Smanos K1 wireless home security system comes with everything you need to protect your home against burglars and break-ins. This kit includes one smart hub, one indoor siren, two door and window sensors, one pet-friendly motion sensor, and one security keypad. This high-tech security system is easy to set up and 100% wireless (the K1 hub does require AC power, with a built-in backup battery).
  • ✅ REMOTE CONTROL AND ACCESS WITH SMANOS HOME APP: Simply download the Smanos Home app to your iPhone or Android phone, and you will have remote access to everything you need to keep your home secure. Up to 10 family members or friends can be Admin Users with full access, or Regular Users with Admin-definable and revocable View/Arm/Disarm privileges.
  • ✅ WORKS WITH THE GOOGLE ASSISTANT AND JUST ASK AMAZON ALEXA - In addition to controlling the Smanos home security system from your smartphone, it can also be controlled using an Amazon Alexa-enabled device like the Echo. It works with speakers and smartphones with the Google Assistant as well.
  • ✅ CONNECTS UP TO 50 K1 SENSORS: The Smanos smart home security system empowers you to connect up to 50 K1 devices, including door, window, motion and water sensors, as well as home monitoring cameras and doorbells, all wirelessly (the K1 hub and Smanos cameras/doorbells do require AC power)!
  • ✅ COMPATIBLE WITH SMANOS K1 ACCESSORIES - This smart home DIY security kit includes all of the essentials for protecting your home from break-ins. However, should you need to expand your security system or implement other devices like security cameras, these additional accessories can be connected to this system. Consider using the Smanos Video Doorbell or the UFO Panoramic WiFi HD Camera.
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