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  • Honeywell Security HS330S Wireless Alarm System Set
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  • Yale HSA 6400 Premium PET FRIENDLY Telecommunicating Alarm System Wireless Wirefree
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  • Mini Portable Wireless Alarm Systems - Home Panic Alarm Shed Alarm Burglar Alarm Garage - House...
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  • Friedland Mini Alarms ML6 Single Room Alarm with Remote
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  • 80 metre DA-XL Twin PIR Wireless Driveway Alarm System
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  • Texecom 3 Dummy Bellbox
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  • Wall Mounted Panic Alarm
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  • DCMT Wireless Driveway Alarm PIR & Portable Pager Kit
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Honeywell Security HS330S Wireless Alarm System Set
Wireless alarm set, Honeywell HS330S, alarm zones (radio) 3 (HS330S).

  • Ideal for protecting apartments and houses: with a single press the system switches on, off or partially switched on, the alarm is activated through the built-in siren
  • Modern wireless connectivity and self-learning components for quick and easy install, no wiring required. All devices in the set are already fitted with batteries and pre-configured
  • Ideal for all the family: switching the alarm system on and off is completely comfortable through RFID tags. No stress - simply type in a PIN, easily cancel out the day via the control panel
  • The system informs you of open windows and doors or the need to change batteries. The integrated Sabotage protection will alert you when components are opened and interfered by removing batteries
  • You can use up to 3 alarm zones to fit into your living space. It can recognise up to 8 RFID tags, 5 wireless remote controls, 18 Wireless Motion Detectors and wireless door/window contacts

Yale HSA 6400 Premium PET FRIENDLY Telecommunicating Alarm System Wireless Wirefree
  • Alert up to 3 phone contacts. Fully armed or part set
  • Add up to 20 wireless alarm devices to one Yale alarm
  • Suitable for homes with pets weighing up to 20-25kg
  • Wireless siren powered by standard D cell batteries.
  • No hard wiring. Control panel has back up battery too.

Mini Portable Wireless Alarm Systems - Home Panic Alarm Shed Alarm Burglar Alarm Garage - House & Personal Alarms For Women - PIR Motion Sensor And Mini Torch. Ideal Travel, Caravan, Hotel, Student
  • EASY TO USE PEACE OF MIND - The Personal Travel Alarm from TechAffect with PIR Sensor is an affordable effective motion alarm that can be used to deter intruders. It can also be used as a personal attack alarm and even comes with a mini torch.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT & DURABLE - This neat little device is just under 8cm (3 inches) long and easily fits in a handbag or pocket. The mid section slides down to reveal the motion sensor and allows the unit to stand neatly on any flat surface. Switch on and after a 35 second delay you now have a motion sensor alarm in operation. Any movement within a 3 meter (appox. 9 feet) arc in front or the unit will set of a piercing 120 dB alarm.
  • HIGHLY PORTABLE HOME OR AWAY - The uses are endless from a simple small secondary alarm at home to a hotel room alarm or that extra bit of security for your valuables or out building. Imagine the extra peace of mind this could bring to a student staying away from home.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE - In addition this handy little gadget can also be used as a normal rape alarm activated by pulling the pin located on the top of the unit. The Pin can easily be fitted to a key ring or neck cord. Also has a handy wrist cord.
  • TAKE IT ANYWHERE - Please remember to take out the plastic battery tab before use. Can be used as keyrings to keep good people safe.

Friedland Mini Alarms ML6 Single Room Alarm with Remote
  • Easy to Install & Simple to operate
  • Remote controlled alarm
  • Sounds when movement is detected
  • For internal use only
  • 1 year guarantee

80 metre DA-XL Twin PIR Wireless Driveway Alarm System
  • The operating range between the PIR's & Receiver is 80 metres (line of sight) which equates to approximately 40 metres after taking the walls of the house into account.
  • PIR's: The Wireless PIR's are powered by a 9v PP3 Battery which will last for between 9 - 18 months in most applications, they have a 13 metre Detection range and is supplied with a specially designed rubber hood.
  • Receiver: The unique 4 x Channel Receiver can operate with up to 16 x Wireless Sensors (4 x on each channel) and is powered by a plug in transformer, 4 x AAA batteries can also be fitted into the rear of the panel to act as back up power in the event of a power cut.
  • Alert: Beep (the system can be set to give an audible 'beep' for approximately 6 seconds following an activation, this beep will identify which channel has been activated.
  • Alarm: The Receiver has a built in 100 Decibel Siren which can be turned on at any time by using the built in keypad, remote control or wireless keypad.

Texecom 3 Dummy Bellbox

Wall Mounted Panic Alarm
  • Wall mountable
  • Ripcord activation
  • Flashing LED when armed
  • ON/OFF switch
  • Battery operated - no wiring required

DCMT Wireless Driveway Alarm PIR & Portable Pager Kit
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