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tiiwee Home Alarm System Starter Kit XL - Wireless Burglar Alarm System with Siren unit - 4 Window Door Sensors and 2 Remote Controls - Expandable - Alarm and Chime Mode - Home Security
Secure your home with this affordable but effective home alarm system. The Tiiwee Home Alarm System components connect wireless and are battery powered. No wiring required. The home alarm system can be easily expanded with more sensors, sirens and remote controls from the Tiiwee Home Alarm System product range. All the Tiiwee Home Alarm System sensors can be paired with multiple Tiiwee A1 alarm units simultaneously. The alarm unit can be placed in a fixed position or taken to wherever you need it. For instance, it will allow you to place one A1 Alarm unit in Siren mode in your living room, and program another A1 Alarm unit to Chime mode and take it to your bedroom. This means you will be woken by the A1 Alarm unit in your bedroom whilst the burglar is scared off by a very loud siren from the other A1 Alarm Unit.

The alarm system is simple and easy to use and is supplied with a solid user manual. You will receive more Information about the most optimal use via email after your purchase.

Note: unlike described in the user manual - the batteries are already inserted in the A1 alarm unit. They are protected by a plastic strip. Remove it before first use.

What is in the box?
1 x tiiwee A1 alarm unit with integrated siren
4 x tiiwee window & door sensors
2 x remote control
All batteries are included
User manual

Wireless system - 433Mhz frequency
Completely battery powered
Up to 50 meters' range, uninterrupted
Up to 25 meters' range, inside home depending on wall infrastructure
A1 alarm unit with 120 dB siren and chime mode
2 magnetic window & door sensors
4 zones with up to 10 sensors per zone
Expandable with tiiwee Home Alarm Kit components
Please note that the A2 PIR Motion Sensor Alarm is not compatible.

  • COMPLETE STARTER KIT FOR EVERY HOME - Features a loud 120dB alarm unit (siren), 4 window & door sensors and two remote controls. No wiring required because the system components connect wirelessly to one another and are battery operated.
  • SIMPLE - Simple installation and easy to use. Installation in a couple of minutes. Remote controlled operation, activate and deactivate the system even from outside your home. Solid user manual provided.
  • EXPANDABLE - Expand the Kit with further Tiiwee Home Alarm System accessories. Add more door & window sensors, movement detectors, alarm (siren) units or remote controls. Up to 40 sensors can be added to each alarm unit.
  • VERSATILE - The alarm unit is small but very loud. This enables you to either give it a fixed position or to take it with you when you need it somewhere else, somewhere where they are needed and should be heard. Features both alarm (loud siren) and chime mode. If the siren alarm is triggered, the siren will automatically stop after 2 minutes and the system will revert to activated mode. The siren can also be stopped by using the remote control.
  • TIIWEE SERVICE AND QUALITY - 30 Day guarantee. Just return the product and you will be reimbursed, no questions asked. Questions or requests? We respond fast and always in your interest.
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