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Yale EF-Series Telecommunicating Alarm Kit
Yale Telecommunicating DIY Alarm Kit EFKIT2 Security and Surveillance Alarms

  • Easy to fit - all accessories are wireless and come pre-linked for quick and easy installation.
  • Expandable - add up to 30 accessories, tailoring the system to your home.
  • Security as standard - secure rolling code transmission, enhanced jamming detection and 868MHz frequency technology.
  • Loud external siren - 104dB siren attracts attention when the alarm is triggered. To minimise interference, avoid locating devices close to metal framework, glass, electrical appliances and electric cables
  • No monthly fee - no contract required putting you firmly in control.

Home Alarm System, Thustar Professional Wireless House Security System Remote Control Intelligent LED Display Voice Prompt House Business GSM Wireless Burglar Alarm Auto Dial Outdoor Siren
  • Loud Emergency Alarm and Easy to Get Help: Children and seniors at home in emergency, press the emergency alarm button of the remote controller, which will trigger all alarms and send emergency calls and messages to other families, so they can get help in time. Support 6 groups preset alarm phone number, if alarm occurs, the host will dial preset number automatically and 10 seconds help voice recording
  • Network Support: The alarm panel built-in GSM Module, it supports EE and Vofafone GSM SIM Card (2g, 3g, 4g can work with our system and this package do not including a SIM Card). When the sensor is triggered, the alarm panel will make an call or send alert message to the alert phone number you set before. The GSM (only) frequency is 850/900/1800/1900MHZ, which can be applied in all over the world; In GSM status, 6 groups calling alert phone number and 2 groups help SMS number you can set
  • The alarm system can be used internationally, it can work under two conditions: No monthly fees and contracts with security companies. No network, standalone on-site alarming; Put-in a GSM SIM card (this package do not including a SIM Card) to call/send alert message, you can choose one of two ways or use all of them. The whole system complete with fully programmable main unit and wireless sensors. Before using, please kindly read user's manual
  • No monthly fees and contracts with security companies. The alarm panel built-in AAA Ni-Hi rechargeable battery that can last about 8 hours (When the power off, the host can continue to work for 8 hours). Door/Window contacts detect any forceful break-in, passive motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity, loud, small wired siren up to 110db alarm alerts neighbors and deters potential intruders,host arming, disarming, monitoring, intercom and other functions.
  • Defense Zone Support: Allow up to 99 wireless defense zones and 8 wired zones, 5 groups of scheduled arm/disarmed function; 2 wired siren for different size houses as you need; DIY home security, tool-free setup and assembling, plug and play installation,

Yale Intruder Alert Alarm Kit
  • Contactless Control - Disarm your alarm with one simple tap
  • Extended 200m wireless range - Secure all areas of your home within a 200m range
  • Enhanced Encrypted Security - Professional level security, reducing the risk of interference
  • Phone Call Alerts - Receive immediate phone alerts when your alarm is triggered
  • Part-Arm - Secure your home even when you are in, with zone control

Yale wirefree Premium Alarm Kit HSA6400
  • Top of the range house alarm that will ring you when triggered for the ultimate peace of mind
  • The telecommunicating panel can store up to 3 telephone numbers and will call them in sequence
  • The system can be armed/disarmed using a touch-tone telephone (land line or mobile)
  • Features a digital display that can be tailored to individual requirements
  • Length of entry/exit can be tailored to meet your needs

KERUI G19 Wireless Wired GSM SMS RFID Home Burglar Security Alarm System Kit with Touch Screen Keypad LCD Display Auto Dial DIY Kit Wireless Outdoor Waterproof Flashing Siren Black
  • TFT large screen display, GSM network, support 20 RFID card.
  • Support 20 smart socket to control home appliance.
  • Android/iOS app, SMS message, Phone call, keyfob remote control system
  • Main panel and sensor low battery notification and anti-tamper function
  • 99 wireless zones, 8 sets schedule arm/ disarm function by zone/ day/ time

ERAY M2B GSM Burglar Alarm System Kit Wireless Home Security Alarms Systems, Support IOS/Android APP, Auto Dial, SMS, Intercom and English Voice, Battery Included
  • 【High Technology】Different from the cheaper ones of other sellers, our company import the unique lastest module, which would find faster the GSM signal, and more stable.
  • 【Precode】All things have been pre-matched, you just install it and it will work well. Alarm panel and all accessories are included the battery.
  • 【Easy to Use】Voice prompt for all operations. You just input the corresponding instructions. Remote control the device to arm, disarm, monitor, and intercom by phone.
  • 【GSM Alarm】When someone trigger the detectors or sensors, the alarm panel will auto dial and send a SMS message to your preset phone number.
  • 【Warranty Service】2 years warranty. If you have any questions, please just email us on Amazon. We will solve your problem, or we will give you a full refund.

tiiwee Home Alarm System Starter Kit - Wireless Burglar Alarm System with Siren unit - 2 Window Door Sensors and Remote Control - Expandable - Alarm and Chime Mode - Home Security
  • COMPLETE STARTER KIT FOR EVERY HOME - Features a loud 120dB alarm unit (siren), 2 window & door sensors and one remote control. No wiring required because the system components connect wirelessly to one another and are battery operated.
  • SIMPLE - Simple installation and easy to use. Installation in a couple of minutes. Remote controlled operation, activate and deactivate the system even from outside your home. Solid user manual provided.
  • EXPANDABLE - Expand the Starter Kit with further Tiiwee Home Alarm System accessories. Add more door & window sensors, movement detectors, alarm (siren) units or remote controls. Up to 40 sensors can be added to each alarm unit.
  • VERSATILE - The alarm unit is small but very loud. This enables you to either give it a fixed position or to take it with you when you need it somewhere else, somewhere where they are needed and should be heard. Features both alarm (loud siren) and chime mode. If the siren alarm is triggered, the siren will automatically stop after 2 minutes and the system will revert to activated mode. The siren can also be stopped by using the remote control.
  • TIIWEE SERVICE AND QUALITY - 30 Day guarantee. Just return the product and you will be reimbursed, no questions asked. Questions or requests? We respond fast and always in your interest.

Golden Security 2-IN-1 WIFI+GSM(2G) Wireless Burglar Alarm System Kits with 360-Degree IP Camera and Motion/PIR/Door Window Sensor, Support Android/IOS App, Auto Dial, Remote Control Home Security System G90B00
  • Golden Security Alarm System--- This alarm system kits included one host and 19 accessories. With customize and expand alarm system, the wireless door window sensor is perfect to protect your house. It can be a full range of protect your house. It can add 100pcs accessory devices function, and you can operate these accessories by add these into the G90B host, this item can protect your home effectively.
  • Easy To Use--- All things have been pre-matched, you just install it and it will work well. Just plug in the host, then learning the accessories one by one by the host. Also you can download a APP so that you can operate these accessories by your phone.
  • Protect House At Night: The PIR Sensor can protect you home in all-round directions. Place it in the different places, needn't worry about the safety of your house, even at night. The PIR Sensor has a 10m detection distances, you'll get a call from the host when someone try to into your house.
  • Real-Time Record--- Do you want to know everything in your house? The 360-degree IP camera can meet your requirements. By adding this function into the host and learning this program, you can watch the Real-time situation on your phone. It's convenience for your life.
  • Door Window Sensor--- Place the door window sensor on the door/window, you will receive alarm message when someone sneak into your home through the window or door. Protect your house. Please note the installation method of door window sensor, or it will don't work.

KERUI W18 Wireless 2.4G WIFI+GSM Burglar Home Security Alarm System DIY Kit IOS/Android APP Control with Auto Dial White
  • The alarm system up to 99 wireless zones, each wireless zones can be defined as one of the 8 zone types, each zone can setup the siren independently.There are 8 zone types(Normal,Stay,Intelligent,Help senior,Chime,Welcome,Emergency),if you set a door sensor into Chime or Welcome zone type,when the door be open,the alarm host will say"dingdong""Welcome".
  • The alarm system can be used internationally,it can work under three conditions:No network,standalone on-site alarming;Put-in a GSM SIM card,Connect to 2.4G wifi,you can choose one of three ways or use all of them.The whole system all of wireless sensors have been pre-programmed into the horn host and base control.Before using,please kindly read manual and remove the insulating sheet inside sensors.
  • Connect to 2.4G wifi:FREE mobile app for iPhone and Android phones so you can control your system from anywhere with your smartphone,when you are outside,you can use wifi/data to monitor alarm system.
  • Put-in a GSM SIM card:the alarm panel just support GSM SIM card need 2G service,when the sensor is triggered,the alarm panel will make a call or send alert message to the alert phone number (6 groups)you set before,you also can set CID number.In this case,the GSM(only)frequency is 850/900/1800/1900MHZ,which can be applied in all over the world,you can control the system via calling/sms,app,controller.
  • No network,standalone on-site alarming:when there are alarming,the alarm panel built-in siren up to 80db and extra siren will make alert sound,somebody in home will know what's happened;The panel built-in Ni-Hi rechargeable battery will last about 8 hours,Door/Window contacts detect any forceful break-in,Passive motion sensors detect any suspicious movement or activity,Loud,wireless siren up to 110dB alarm alerts neighbors and deters potential intruders,control the system via controller.

Discoball® Burglar Alarm system Home Alarm Security Wireless GSM Autodial Call Home House Intruder Alarm with Control Host Outdoor Siren PIR Motion Detector and Door/Window Gap Detector
  • LCD Display, built in calendar, which is straightforward and convenient.
  • Instructions lead the wireless defense zone. With 6 IR sensors and 6 Door/Fester contacts, 12 defense zone could be set. The Alarm Control Host support 99 defense zones setting.
  • The Alarm Control Host can record and store 40 alarm messages.
  • Real-time, Delayed-time, 24-Hour, By-pass coding modes are all available.
  • Wireless coding, it is available to adapt other accessories like smoke detector.(If you are interested in this, please contact our service team and we will offer you other links for your purchase.)
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